Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, tomorrow I leave for the adventure of a lifetime. It's been a hectic couple of days trying to get all of my clothes, last minute emails, tickets, and luggage all packed up. It's hard to believe that in just 35 hrs I will be touching down on London pavement, ready to spend 6 weeks at Oxford University, the real Oxford, that is ;). During my time away, I will be updating this blog with photos and stories of my travels in Oxford, as well as some other trips I will be taking on the weekends. 

Many of you have asked specifically what I'll be doing and to be honest, I'm not all that sure. I will be taking a class called "Objects of Travel" led by Dr. Ben Harvey from MSU. More details about that are later to come. The really cool part about this trip is that I will be meeting with an Oxford tutor once a week for about an hour to learn anything and everything I can about the incredible C.S. Lewis. My tutor is named Dr. Michael Ward, who is THE foremost expert on Lewis, especially his Narnia series. Dr. Ward wrote a book entitled "The Narnia Code" in which he delves into decoding Lewis's allegorical strategies in the Narnia series. He was also curator for Lewis's house for a number of years. I'll meet with Dr. Ward on Friday to learn more about what I will specifically be studying. 

I'm a first time blogger, but really excited about the opportunity to share my adventures with all of you (that is, if there are any of you actually reading this). Hopefully I'll be able to update pretty frequently. Until then...Bon Voyage!!


  1. What a great opportunity for you NatBug! I'm so excited for you! Enjoy this time to the max and soak it up. Godspeed...Uncle Chris and I willl be praying for you as you travel. Love you!

  2. Glad you made it safely Natalie! Thanks for the updates! Take it all in and leave some behind :) love you